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I mean, I get that Crimson Flower was rushed, but come on. Get the best of Sporcle when you Go Orange.This ad-free experience offers more features, more stats, and more fun while also helping to support Sporcle. FE3H - Maddening Blue Lions Hilda's Paralogue. So he should at leat have some control over what is essentially his army. On Edelgard’s either he isnt around anymore, or is politically powerless to stop it. The series currently spans 16 games, two crossover titles and a mobile game. Each Paralogue focuses a specific character or characters with added backstory and the ability to earn experience. In Hilda's paralogue, Holst gave Hilda House Goneril's Relic, but remained in his position as a general. Maddening Lions Update #3! For units that I have been using from outside of the Blue Lions House.-Lysithea will continue to be used, Strong offense and Warp are still very welcome-Dorothea will be used, as she is the Dancer-Flayn is in a similar situation as Mercedes where she is a bit lacking as a unit, but provides strong utility in Fortify as well as Rescue.-Marianne's stats have kind of dropped off a lot, and I already have a number of mages for healing roles so it is likely she may be dropped after I complete her Paralogue-Hilda is a secondary flier for my team. In summary: I tried to look into the two paralogues to learn something more about Almyra but they just made things more confusing. We find a message from Rhea from just before the war broke out. For the most part, the core members of the Blue Lion House will be staying on the roster.-Rikka and Dimitri are obviously stuck on the team-Ingrid is my main flying unit so she can stay-Annette has been impressing this run so she will continue to have a spot-Ashe has completed his skill set up to be a crit Sniper so he is currently one of my strongest attacking units.-Felix is going to be dropped because his level up growth has been lagging behind a lot of my other units.-Sylvain may be dropped, but I think he's still been keeping up for now. But curiously enough, Claude has nothing to say in both paralogues. Now that we've gotten past the most dangerous chapter, I can now perform some human resource reorganization on my main team. In GD, they are talked into helping Claude and succeed, with Claude winning a decisive victory which gives them more influence in Fodlan. Why do Almyrans became more agressive after Claude's defeat, whether he was dead or alive? Once a Paralogue has been unlocked, it can only be done in a span of weeks or months. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. For the last Armor on the bottom left, I have Ingrid and Flayn head downwards. Lysithea is now 30, so I can immediately go ahead and make her into a Gremory. Paralogue: Eternal Guardian. Flayn uses a Rescue to pull the armor out to safety, and Ingrid just holds a chokepoint and deals with the Cavs as they walk up. This site was created to provide accurate and reliable information about the Fire Emblem series. A Fire Emblem fan site since 1st February 2005. Poisonous mushrooms are recurring in anime/rpg stories. So here's what happened: In both paralogues, Holst, Hilda's big brother, went ill because he ate some bad mushrooms, so Edelgard/Hilda had to fill in his role to defend Fodlan's Locket. SPOILERS FOR FE3H AHEAD. Hilda’s paralogue is merely a raid. CURRENTLY PLAYING LIONS ROUTE BUY SOMETIMES I TALK ABOUT OTHERS AND SOME PARALOGUES OVERLAP SO SORRY IN ADVANCE] So for a time, my roommate kidnapped me to play Minecraft (foxes!!) It seems that she left something for us in the Holy Tomb. Linked Attacks. Fire Emblem Three Houses is the latest entry in the popular tactical RPG series, and marks the franchise’s debut on the Nintendo Switch console. We had this species of mushrooms in my own world. My units levels are way higher than what is normally suggested for the map, given that I'm playing this after the Time Skip, so in general this Paralogue is not too difficult. Learned to keep everyone well away from starting. Why does Claude have nothing to say when fighting his countrymen, while he has dialogues in Shamir and Alois's paralogue, where he got angry at bandits pretending to be Almyrans? I don’t think there’s a connection. In general most of my characters increased about 2-4 levels since the Time Skip. Failed to save quote. Well, Nintendo heard the angry call of the hardcore gamer and recently patched in maddening mode which seriously cranks up the difficulty. Reports indicate it is of appreciable size. I know from the other routes that Cornelia is associated with Those who Slither, and that she betrays the Kingdom allowing the Empire to take over a large protion of it. R_Inanimate is using Hatena Blog. Included are the character's recommended tea, best topics, conversations, and favorite gifts. Break through the Locket and make a name for yourself! Now that we have our Team set up reevaluated, it is time for some Paralogues. The House chosen at the beginning dictates which characters the player would be fighting with during the story. Actually Nader is Claude's tutor and an Almyran general. To me, nothing is more egregious than Edelgard literally just getting a copy-paste of Hilda's paralogue. Used up like three Divine Pulses in a row because my gambits kept missing even at 80-90%, then Mercedes took one axe hit too many. Our units start off a bit split up as Cyril starts with a small group of my units on the far right side of the map. Damn, got my first character death on Ingrid/Dorothea's paralogue. but the Madlions continue! The first order of business is securing the safety of the Goneril Armors. The Fire Emblem series is well known for its innovation and for being one of the first Eastern style tactical role-playing games, with a strong emphasis on Western forms of medieval folklore. Do you think there are explanations storywise? ... Hilda increases the Attack of adjacent male characters, and Leonie gets a buff when situated next to men. And I have moved quite a bit further. Fire Emblem is a fantasy tactical role-playing video game franchise developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo. Reset the game, obviously, but glad that the challenge is starting to ramp up a bit--even on Hard I haven't really had any dire moments until now. Note: This guide is a work-in-progress. We get the last set of purchasable Battalions in the shop, which includes some nice Battalions such as the Blue Lion Dancers, and access to a second Macuil Battalion. He will also throw that Meteor in your face as soon as he spawns. Edelgard's the Lord! Roster:Rikka - L28Dimitri - L30Dorothea - L30Annette - L30Lysithea - L30Ashe - L28Sylvain - L27Ingrid - L27Hilda - L26Mercedes - L26Marianne - L26Petra - L26Flayn - L25Seteth - L24Catherine - L22. A subreddit to discuss the Fire Emblem series of games, and associated media. To secure the armors in the bottom right area, I have Annette with Thyrsus and dancer support just prowl around the area OHKOing enemies with Range 4 Wind, one by one, and providing some healing support to the armors as needed. In CF, they are talked into helping Claude only to fail - ultimately losing all influence in Fodlan but discovering that it is embroiled in a continent wide war with all powers busy and weakened. After the battle, Cyril explains to you what the raids are really about, and Hilda talks about her visit with her brother. Paralogues Require Battle Activity Points Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Related Links A Forgotten Hero (Sylvain) - Unlocks the Blutgang Hero Relic. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I had Cyril, Sylvain, Dorothea, and Annette start on the right side of the map, while my other units were on the left. [WARNING. | The first attempt ended at chapter 5 where Byleth died to ambush spawns. I would advice against having a taste. Why the curious symptoms of Holst? They both have such great offensive spell lists that anything that doesn't lean into their spellcasting is wasti He has no special dialogues in Hilda's paralogue and is not mentioned in Edelgard's paralogue. SS+ tier suspense & enjoyment. Edelgard’s paralogue is a full invasion because after being asked help by Claude, Nader knows the Alliance is in disarray and there is a good chance to strike. In Hilda's paralogue, only regular Almyran units were present, Cyril said it was not a formal invasion: They aren't really trying to cross Fodlan's Throat. Which make things extremely confusing, given that Claude can be spared and sent back to Almyra with a promise to repay Edelgard. Hilda and Cyril's Paralogue. In Edelgard's pralogue, Nader the Undefeated was present, both Hubert and Nader suggested it was an all out war: There is an army of Almyra at Fodlan's Throat. The differences in these two paralogues are: Hilda's paralogue is locked from CF route while Edelgard's paralogue only triggers after Claude is defeated. No need to be shy - Strike all at once! Would you like to try it too? Recruit from Other Houses Learning more about the students is an important part of strengthening your bonds with them. play her game. I think House Goneril stepping down after Edelgard's paralogue can be seen as a form of passive resistance. As for the mushrooms. When you eat it, your body exudes a mysterious steam! Just finished Anna's paralogue on maddening a little before the time skip and I was literally on the edge of my seat because of the constant barrage of bow knights of all units being the reinforcements. I always wondered how exactly the Empire caused the Kingdom to collapse. Um, or so I hear…. Hilda is the spoiled, rich daughter of a noble. However, they also see the devastating use of magical weapons they cannot comprehend. If the options are "Let Almyrans invade, potentially causing great damage and loss of life to my people" and "Ask for help from Empire forces who minimized losses, but took my daughter's life" It's not that odd, is it? Claude says nothing in Hilda’s because he has nothing to do with it. If not done after its time limit, the quest is gone forever. Harrow posted: I think both of them are totally wasted as Dancers. Update 49: The Dying Gasp ♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪ One dark future, no-one survives. In any case, Dimitri at the moment is not in a great state of mind, and while he will rejoin with Rikka, the students and the knights, he's more or less isolated himself and cannot be interacted with for teaching, supports, or monastery things. Powered by Hatena Blog Someone I know just did it the other day without needing to recruit him. One Divine Pulse use, because Marianne missed and 80% Gambit and would have died because of it. Right down to doing it as a favor for Hilda's brother. So basically, I have the impression that defeating Claude will result in Almyrans taking on a more aggressive attitude and wage wars more seriously than they do in other routes. You cannot quote because this article is private. In order to attempt this paralogue, Annette and Gilbert must have reached C-rank support and neither must have fallen in battle previously. Isn’t Hilda’s the fact they always are fighting that other group of people? Continuing my semi-blind Maddening Golden Deer run with C18 tonight. Deploy: Rikka, Dimitri, Lysithea, Annette (Gilbert), Ashe, Catherine, Ingrid, Sylvain, Flayn, Lysithea, Hilda, Dorothea. Dorothea finishes off one of them with a Meteor and lets Sylvain take out the other one on the next turn. Be sure to check back as we update it with additional Paralogue information from Fire Emblem: Three Houses! So, this paralogue. When a character engages an enemy, if there are allies that can target the same enemy from their current position, a linked attack will occur. Also Claude asked all the Alliance Lords to join Edelgard if he was defeated. What are your thoughts on this matter? Hilda’s paralogue is merely a raid. I'm not saying they are not serious, but fights like this one aren't really invasions. I don’t think this is all necessarily that mysterious. ... Paralogue: Brigid is Lovely This Time of Year: Brigid is not lovely this time of year, and probably this is only compounded by my failure to level up the people who trigger the paralogues. Like she brings it up the fact they fight constantly? Let's go over my plans of what I am thinking of at this point in the game: Main Members - Characters that are likely to be deployed whenever possibleRikkaDimitriIngridAnnetteLysitheaAsheDorothea, Sub Members - Characters that may be interchanged to fill in remaining deployment spots depending on the mapFlaynMercedesSylvainHildaDeduePetraCatherineSeteth, Removed - Characters that I have been using, but have discontinuedFelixMarianne (after her Paralogue). Paralogue Battles are character or pair-specific missions accessible on free days. FE3H - Maddening Blue Lions Hilda's Paralogue Chapter 14 - The Delusional Prince We reunite with the Knights of Seiros along with the (most of) other students of Garreg Mach, as we get filled in on details of what has happened in the last five years. The biggest concern with using her at the moment is that her Dex stat is really low leading to some very shaky accuracy, and that there aren't many Flier usable Battalions that give a good accuracy boost. Maddening Lions Update #4! Hubert's got even higher attack thanks to Maddening boosting stats. In other words, perfect time for an invasion. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Claude is the son of Nader, the King of Almyra. Better hope you either: Knew he was coming and were properly positioned to be out of space-rock range, or had some Pulses left. As such, she's likely to be more of a secondary character to my team.-Petra is being considered as a replacement for Felix, as I need someone with high speed and has Steal, for when the situation comes up that I need to take items from enemy units. If you eat them, all the color will drain from your face and your skin will start steaming. We are sitting on a decent pile of renown, so I do a few Statue Upgrades, then set out to do some Quest Auxiliaries. This is a list of all of the Paralogue battles in Fire Emblem: Three Houses (FETH, FE3H). It is available from Chapter 14 to Chapter 18 on the Azure Moon route. Claude says nothing in Hilda’s because he has nothing to do with it. Seteth/Flayn is very easy on Maddening, Seteth himself can easily destroy the non-Assassins (and even Assassins have problems with the -20 Avoid/-2 Def sand tiles). Thank you for becoming a member. Hilda's paralouge is the only paralouge to be available both pre and post time skip. Holst sickness seems to be a running gag. Paralogues may feature multiple students or even teachers. Maddening Mode is not just raising the stats of enemy units. It will take time for him to build a power base and gain influence before he can start influencing Almyra in Fodlan's favour. A few hours ago, I've finished my FE3H Golden Deer iron man run on maddening difficulty (no commentary stream). Statue Upgrades:+2 Bow Skill+1 Divine Pulse (Macuil), Certification:Lysithea - GremoryPetra - Assassin. Additionally, in both cases, the mushroom that poisoned Holst seems suspiciously similar to what Claude mentioned in his tea party dialogue: By the way, they’ve discovered a new kind of poison mushroom. Choose the House of the characters that have abilities and designs that pique your interest.. Asking them to keep defending after the fact could also be him sparing his own troops the burden of that fight, and since the Alliance is now apart of the Empire, it is their job to protect their people. Except us, obviously. - "/v/ - Video Games" is 4chan's imageboard dedicated to the discussion of PC and console video games. I've edited the post. Read on to find out which characters are involved, how long they are available, and strategies for winning! She presents you Freikugel, the Hero's Relic of House Goneril. The second run ended at chapter 18 because I misplaced Claude. Paralogue: Dividing the World - After the Battle. But Claude is the crone prince of Almyra, isn't he. Sure seems odd House Goneril would be somewhat chummy with the Empire after Edelgard's paralogue considering that the previous chapter There's a high likelihood Hilda was killed by them. As this is the first Exploration session back from the Time Skip, there is a lot to be done. The Battalion reward is god tier for Maddening. ... Paralogue: Dummy Thicc Thickets: Also, he may just be delegated to throwing out some heavy hits with the Lance of Ruin in the future.-Mercedes's stats have also been lagging, but her utility in use of Fortify is something that will keep her viable for my team going forward. I have Sylvain go to the Top right. The enemies primarily approach from the top and come down that path, so after taking out the few enemies approaching from the middle of the map with Ashe, I focus on dealing with the enemies coming down from the top. Why does he need a power base? The main goals in this map is to save the Goneril Armors sitting around the map, and to hold the line and not let any Almyrans cross the border. In Edelgard's paralogue, House Goneril stepped down and left the protection of Fodlan's Throat to Imperial troops. ♪ No music ♪ I use a Stride so that he can reach the Wyverns and drop a Gambit on them to stun their movement. Press J to jump to the feed. ... Hilda more than one-shotted any of my units. It is implied that Claude is the son of King of Almyra, but we don't know what he is called. One of the criticisms of Nintendo’s new Fire Emblem: Three Houses is that hard mode wasn’t all that hard. If they invade they might end up having such weapons pointed at themself, whichever Fodlan faction wins. Word of warning, don't recruit Manuela before you do her joint paralogue on Mad. It needed 3 attempts to get there. Of course they decide to once again kill the King, and once again throw an innocent person, who has plausable motivations, under the bus. Deploy: Rikka, Hilda, Cyril, Sylvain (Bernadetta), Dorothea, Annette, Ingrid (Seteth), Flayn, Ashe (Petra), Marianne, Lysithea. Yeah, Seteth is B I G on his paralogue, lol. So... with how little we know about Almyra, these two paralogues could have given us some insights, but instead they just add more questions to the story? However, I may not need two Fortify users, since I already have Flayn.-Dedue is currently MIA, but I will see whether his durability will continue to be of service when he returns. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The remainder of the map is then dealing with enemies trying to cross the border. On Maddening. Edelgard’s paralogue is a full invasion because after being asked help by Claude, Nader knows the Alliance is in disarray and there is a good chance to strike. We reunite with the Knights of Seiros along with the (most of) other students of Garreg Mach, as we get filled in on details of what has happened in the last five years. Tea party guide for Hilda in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Hilda (Cannot join Black Eagles) Charm Axe Lorenz: Charm Reason Lysithea: Magic Faith Marianne: Magic Riding Most students prefer you to have at … Each paralogue gives more insight into the characters’ backstories and personalities. Petra is the best suited for the job of the characters I have at my disposal-Catherine is actually surprisingly comparable to a lot of my current units, despite being about 5 or 6 levels down, which puts her in for consideration for my team-Seteth is considered mostly for his access to Rally Defense, and his personal skill, which may or may not be useful in some future map. Whether or not he dies, it’s understandable that they would be motivated to launch some sort of serious counterattack. As long as you have at least one of them recruited to your house, you will be able to do the Paralogue. Thank you for pointing it out! 3. There is one in the top right of the map that is threatened by two approaching Wyverns, one in the bottom left on the map alone fending off some Cavs, and a couple in the bottom right area who are being harassed by some Archers. Please try again later. Toggle Background Color. Possibly just after Edegard killed his beloved little sister. Weathervanes of Fódlan (Japanese: フォドラの風見鶏たち Fodra weathercocks) is a paralogue chapter in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Rhea's Paralogue. Or I guess just resign yourself to losing a character. This is a slightly modified version of the “support bonus” system that has appeared in most Fire Emblem games to date.. Also, Cyril isn't necessary for Hilda's Paralogue. She joins the Golden Deer house and acts like Claude’s retainer. ブログを報告する. After I arrived in this world, I found some rare mushrooms, and I've been stewing them in that pot over there.

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